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Quick township News:  We have noticed a problem with the recent tax bills that were mailed to you. A mistake was made on the date published the treasurer will be at the town hall receiving taxes. The date to pay your property tax will be Monday September 16th. We apologize for the confusion. Albion Townships beginning

Nearly two centuries ago, pioneers scouting what would become Albion Township discovered two key natural assets: rich, well-drained soil ideal for grain and fruit production and a river whose power could be harnessed to run mills and factories. When word of these resources reached people planning to move from the East, historians say, the area was quickly settled. Many early arrivals’ descendants remain in the township today, some on the land originally occupied.

Calhoun County was surveyed into townships in 1824 and subdivided into sections in 1825, according to H.B. Pierce’s History of Calhoun County, Michigan. But before Albion Township became an independent entity in 1837, according to Pierce, it was part of Homer Township, which had been organized in 1834 as a 12-mile square unit in the southeast corner of Calhoun County that also included present-day Eckford and Clarendon Townships.


Albion Township Hall and Fire Station
28051 F Drive South
Albion Mi 49224


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